How do I print a chemical inventory placard?

Access to Chemical Inventory System (CIS) and a color printer is required to print a placard. Contact Russ Blackmar at or (510) 643-8187 with questions or concerns about access to CIS.

To print a placard:

  1. Log into CIS (using your CalNet ID). You will then see your ‘Locations’, listing the rooms in your group.

  2. Click ‘Print Placard’ for the room you would like to print a placard for.

  3. Click the placard orientation appropriate for your room. College of Chemistry rooms use ‘Landscape’ orientation, all other UC Berkeley rooms use ‘Portrait’.

  4. CIS will generate a PDF of the placard within your web browser. Make sure the ‘Certification Date’ is within the past year. If it is not, see the CIS User Guide instructions on how to update and certify the inventory.

  5. Print this PDF file, ensuring that the printer is set to print in color.

If you need to print a placard for a suite of rooms, please contact Russ Blackmar at or (510) 643-8187.