Radiation Use Authorization (RUA) On-boarding

Your RUA on-boarding is a short instructional session that covers the UC Berkeley specific information that you will need to start your work with radioactive materials.  You will also be issued dosimetry at this session if your RUA requires it for your planned work.

  1. Complete a Radiation User Form and an RUA Change Form, and obtain the signature on the Change Form from the PI responsible for the RUA or the Laboratory Contact.
  2. Sign up for an “EH&S 403 Radiation Safety RUA On-Boarding Session” on the UC Learning Center and bring your signed forms with you to the session. To access the UC Learning Center:

    1. Use Firefox from a Mac, or Firefox or Internet Explorer from a PC.  Other browsers are incompatible.
    2. Use this link to access the UC Learning Center: https://jwas.ehs.berkeley.edu/lmsi
    3. Authenticate using your CalNet ID.
    4. Search for “EHS 403” and register for a date that best fits your schedule.

    If you are denied access to the UC Learning Center, use the Access Assistant. If you have questions after using the Access Assistant, contact us at ehstrain@berkeley.edu.

  3. If your need is more urgent or you would like to attend a session in your lab, contact Radiation Safety at radsafety@berkeley.edu or (510) 642-3073 to make arrangements.