Laser Safety Program

Lead: Eddie Ciprazo
Phone: 643-9243
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Team: Health & Safety
Associate Director: Brandon DeFrancisci


The University of California at Berkeley Laser Safety Program is intended to provide staff, researchers, students and visitors with a safe laser use environment. All Class 3b and 4 lasers on the campus must be registered with the UC Berkeley Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety Program. The Office of Environment, Health & Safety administers this program for the UC Berkeley Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety Committee (NIRSC). The campus Laser Safety Officer (LSO) is responsible for implementation of the Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety program.

Please contact Eddie Ciprazo at (510) 643-9243 if you need additional information. Copies of training handouts, forms and manuals can be obtained by calling EH&S at (510) 642-3073.


Laser Safety Program Fact Sheet
Laser Safety Manual
Laser Use Registration (LUR)
Authorization Procedure for New Laser Users
Laser Safety Training Supplement
Laser Safety Forms
Laser Safety Training Courses - A CalNet ID is required to access the online course through Berkeley's Learning Management System web site.
Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety (non-laser) (Non-Laser)
Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety Committee (NIRSC)