How do I aquire the necessary biosafety training?

The following training is to be taken in addition to all required Laboratory Safety Training.

PI requirements:

  1. Biosafety in Laboratories:
  • Initial In-person training session provided by EH&S. Please see the schedule of classes.
  • Every 3 years-online refresher training

    • Refresher training is available through the UC Learning Center
  1. Biosafety Responsibilities of the Principal Investigator training:
  • Initial, one-time, online training that is completed prior to initiation of work with biological materials

    • PI training is available through the through the UC Learning Center.

  1. Create a Laboratory Specific Training power point presentation using a template provided by Biosafety:
  • Templates are available by contacting the Biosafety Program at

Laboratory members listed on the BUA that are working with biological materials:

  1. Biosafety in Laboratories:

  • Every 3 years-online refresher training:

    • Refresher training is available through the UC Learning Center.
  1. Blood-borne pathogens training (required for anyone who may be in contact with blood-borne pathogens such as working with human or non-human derived samples, blood products, human cell lines, blood-borne pathogens, etc.)
  • Annual - online training:

  1. Laboratory Specific Training:
  • Initial PowerPoint based presentation administered

Related trainings:

  1. Animal researchers are required to complete online CITI training, administered through the Office of Animal Care and Use. Directions are available online.
  2. Researchers that need access to the Northwest Animal Facility (NAF) are required to complete Basic Safety, Hazardous Materials & Biosafety for NAF Users. Initial training is provided monthly in person at the NAF.  Please see the schedule annual refresher trainings are available

**For people who may have problems accessing, other options are listed below:

  1. Go to: to find solutions to the problems
  2. In-person Biosafety in Laboratories can be scheduled directly through the Biosafety program by emailing