Viewing your Personal Dose Record Online Using My Dose Record (MDR)

Register as a New User
To register as a new user, you will need to have only one of your badges or respective rings in front of you.  Enter your e-mail address and your unique badge ID.

  • BADGE IDs are the 10 digit number located in the middle of the badge under the barcode.  As seen in the example above, you would enter 1608063547.

  • TRANSLUCENT ring ID numbers are located above the barcode and start with the number 19 (ex. 1998764668).

  • SOLID COLOR rings use the number located below the barcode and starts with the number 18 (ex. 1898000572).

Click the “go” button and accept the Terms and Conditions to use MDR. Once you click “I Accept”, a temporary password will be e-mailed to you. Once you receive your temporary password, you are ready to login under the User Login section of MDR. Enter your e-mail address under the “username” section and your temporary password in the “password” section. You’ll want to change the temporary password to a permanent password while in the site.

Printing Reports:
To print a copy of your dose history, simply click on the “print results” button.

Questions with any of these instructions or personal dose results can be directed to Radiation Safety at