The EH&S Training team creates, delivers, and tracks health, safety, and environmental training for all faculty, staff, and students.

Employee and Supervisor Responsibilities

Employee Responsibilities

Employees have the responsibility to follow safety procedures, including wearing proper safety equipment and completing appropriate training. Employees must also recognize and correct hazards (when possible) or report hazards to the appropriate supervisor.

For more information see Individual Responsibilities.

Supervisor, Manager, and Principal Investigator Responsibilities

Supervisors must ensure the safety of work assignments and...

Laboratory Safety Manual

The laboratory safety manual provides an overview of lab safety procedures and policies.

Labs and Research

Providing support, in the form of risk assessment, review, consultation(link sends e-mail), training, and the necessary resources and guidance for research at UC Berkeley.

Wildfire Smoke Training

Wildfire Smoke Protection and N-95 Respirator Training

This information is based on Cal/OSHA Appendix B to Title 8 Section 5141.1. The standard is applicable when the Air Quality Index for fine particulate matter (PM2.5) is 151 or greater. It applies to employees who work outside or in non-filtered buildings and/or vehicles for more than one hour per shift.

Ensure completion of Wildfire Smoke Protection and N-95 Respirator training via these options:...

COVID-19 Prevention Training Handout


On 11/19/20 the State of California Occupational Safety & Health Standards board issued an emergency regulation known as COVID-19 prevention (8 CCR 3205), which was readopted with changes and new sections added on 06/17/21. This training meets requirements of 8 CCR 3205 and University of California policy. For more information visit

Recreational Sports - Athletic Camps Setting Up/Taking Down Equipment

Department of Recreational Sports

Each sport will require different equipment and there are different hazards associated with each individual sport. The following are precautions for general
equipment set-up.

Loading and Unloading the Emergency Response Truck

Emergency Response
Office of Environment, Health & Safety

Emergency Response - Loading and Unloading the Emergency Response Truck

Recreational Sports - Maintenance Operating Motorized Vehicle (Petroleum Powered)

Department of Recreational Sports

The driver must possess a valid California driver’s license to operate a motorized vehicle.

EHS 207: Guidelines on Protecting Workers from COVID-19 (Accessible PDF)

Office of Environment, Health & Safety

EHS 207 Protecting Workers from COVID-19 Training (Accessibility document)