Radiation Survey Meters

Radiation survey meters are a great tool to locate contamination in the lab. A proper selection of meter is important. The following outlines appropriate survey probes and procurement information. All of these probes can be attached to an appropriate ratemeter such as a Ludlum 3, Bicron Surveyor, and Radeye GX.

Geiger-Mueller “pancake” probe (Product Info)

  • Multi-purpose probe for alphas, betas, and gammas
  • Good geometry for determining contamination
  • Significant over-response at low energies

Procurement Examples:  Ludlum 44-9, Bicron PGM, Eberline HP-360


Geiger- Mueller end window probe (Product Info)

  • Multi-purpose probe for alphas, betas, and gammas
  • Lower efficiency for contamination than “pancake” due to geometry
  • Better gamma response and dose estimates

Procurement Examples:  Ludlum 44-7, WBJ GP-200, Fluke Thin-End Window Probe


Scintillation Counters (Scintillation counter vs GM)

  • Probes are specific to radiation type (low energy gammas, x-rays, gammas, betas, etc.)
  • Proper selection and calibration is of the utmost importance
  • Can measure energy for spectrum analysis

Procurement Examples:  Ludlum 44-2 & 44-3, Fluke 489-50, Bicron BC-400


Note: Please contact Radiation Safety before you purchase a new instrument so that we can confirm that we will be able to calibrate your equipment or you may be required to send it back to the manufacturer for calibration.