Important “Do’s and Don’ts” With Your Dosimetry


Do’s with Dosimetry

  • DO wear your dosimeter(s) whenever you are working with radiation sources or radiation producing machines.
  • DO wear your whole body badge at chest height on your lab coat and your finger ring on your hand under your gloves and facing the source of radiation. 
  • DO call or email Radiation Safety (642-3073 or if your dosimeter is lost, contaminated, or is accidentally exposed to radiation.
  • DO only use your UC Berkeley dosimetry at UC Berkeley (If visiting other institutions  they will provide you with dosimetry if needed.)
  • DO exchange your dosimeter promptly when requested


Don’ts with Dosimetry

  • DO NOT get your dosimeter wet or expose it to high heat.
  • DO NOT store your dosimeter(s) around sources of radiation.