Diseases and Hazards

Endemic Diseases

Infectious Diseases and Travelers’ Health - Search by Destination (Centers for Disease Control)
University Health Services Travel Clinic (provides immunizations and guidance for specific destinations; appointments must be scheduled 6-8 weeks prior to travel)
Travel Advisories by Location (US Department of State)
Safety Guidelines for Field Researchers (EH&S Publication)
Zoonoses and Travel (USGS)

Specific risks:
Preventing Valley Fever (California Department Public Health)
West Nile Virus Fact Sheet (EH&S Publication)
Hantavirus (Centers for Disease Control)
Lyme Disease (California Department Public Health)
Other Vector-borne Diseases (California Department Public Health)
Poisonous Plants (NIOSH)

Wildlife Research and Zoonotic Risks

Field Manual of Wildlife Disease — General Field Procedures and Diseases of Birds (USGS)
Guidelines to the Use of Wild Birds in Research (Ornithological Council, 2010)
Trapping Techniques  - Guidelines for the Use of Wild Mammals in Research (Society of Mammologists, 2011)
Guidelines for Handling Animal Reservoirs of Hantaviruses (EH&S Publication)
Working with Marine Mammals and Your Health  (UC Davis Vet Medicine)
Disease Precautions for Hunters (AVMA)

Extreme Conditions and Weather

Weather Forecasts (NOAA)
Heat Illness Prevention (EH&S Publication)
Protecting Yourself in the Sun (OSHA)
Cold Stress – Preventing Hypothermia and Frostbite (NIOSH)
Extreme Cold Weather Clothing (US Antarctic Program)
Backcountry Avalanche Safety (National Ski Patrol)
Lightning Safety (eLCOSH)
Winter Storm and Other Emergency Preparedness (American Red Cross)