Water Disposal (Wash Downs, Pump Outs and Vault Discharges)

Essentially, no water, other than clean rain water may enter any storm drain inlet.  The following must not reach any outdoor drain inlet:

  • mop bucket dumping
  • trash bin or mat washing
  • hose downs of spilled food
  • beverages
  • excreta  

All of these types of discharges must be either captured and disposed of in inside sanitary sewer drains or sinks.

Note: In some instances, these types of discharges may be routed into landscape capable of absorbing all the water if contaminants in the water will not pose a risk to plant life or create a nuisance (odor, visual impact, or attract pests).

If you, or a project you are affiliated with, plan to perform any activity where you a need to dispose of water, even clean drinking water, please review the documents linked below or contact a member of the EH&S Environmental Protection Program for assistance.

Prohibited discharges both negatively impact our creeks and Bay and may result in significant fines to the responsible parties.

Services Provided:

  • Planning and assistance for new pipe and fire service discharges
  • Assistance in modifying operations practices to prevent surface water pollution
  • Identification of storm drains and sanitary sewer disposal points
  • Approval of certain exempt discharges to storm


Water Discharge Form (PDF)
Fact Sheet: Keeping Strawberry Creek Clean (PDF)
Flood Water Discharges from Elevator Service Pits and Sumps (PDF)
Procedure for Wastewater Management from UC Berkeley Building Washing and Maintenance Operations (PDF)
Contractors’ Manual Water page
Water Quality Policy
Alameda County Clean Water page