Do I need to obtain a permit for drilling activities on UC property?

Yes, boring permits are required for University construction project drilling activities under certain conditions described below.   However, the University is only required to comply with permitting requirements authorized by the state Water Code, and activities covered by municipal ordinances that go beyond the authorization of the state statutes do not apply to the University.  You are required to obtain a permit from the authorizing city or county agency for the installation and destruction of the following :
  • Monitoring wells (used to measure the concentration in groundwater of chemical contaminants or other parameters).
  • Cathodic protection wells
  • Water supply wells
  • Other permanent or temporary wells (such as piezometers) and borings installed with the primary purpose of collecting groundwater on a contaminated site for analysis and for hydrologic information.
You do NOT need a permit for the following activities:
  • Construction site dewatering wells
  • Archeological borings
  • Geotechnical soil borings
  • Environmental soil borings
  • Other soil borings or excavation with the primary purpose of collecting information on soils