Energy Isolation: Lock Out/Tag Out

Lead: Jim Gilson  
Phone: (510) 643-9575  
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Team: Health & Safety  
Associate Director: Brandon DeFrancisci  



The UC Berkeley Energy Isolation - Lockout/Tagout (EI-LOTO) Program requires campus, field station personnel and contractors to implement safe procedures when working on UCB equipment or utility systems with one or more energy sources. Because of the potential for injury from energy sources that operate equipment / utility systems, this program guides safe installation, set-up, adjustment and maintenance work on equipment by isolating energy sources prior to commencing work. Implementation of the program is required by Cal/OSHA safety regulations.

EI/LOTO Program

Table of Contents

FAQ Fact Sheet


Templates and Forms

Attachment 1 - Equipment Inventory and Energy Isolation Procedures Tracking / Audit Log

Attachment 2 - "Equipment Specific Procedure"

Attachment 3 - Training Record of "Qualified Person"