Injury and Illness Prevention (IIPP) Checklist

Mandatory Components
(Title 8, California Code of Regulations, Section 3203)

Ο Is the person with the authority and responsibility for Program implementation identified? Is sufficient contact information provided?
3203 (a) (1)
Ο Is there a clearly described employee training program? Does it state that

  • there will be initial training for new employees and when the IIPP was first established?
  • there will be training upon changes in the working environment
  • with new job assignments?
  • whenever new substances, processes, procedures, or equipment are introduced?
  • whenever the employer is made aware of new or previously unrecognized hazards?
  • supervisors must be trained on the hazards which their employees face?
    3203 (a) (7) (A-F)
Ο Is documentation of Health & Safety training required which includes

  • the employee names?
  • the training dates?
  • the type(s) of training?
  • the instructor names? Is all documentation to be kept for at least one (1) year?
    3203 (b) (2)
Ο Are there measures to ensure employee compliance with safe work practices including a reference to standard progressive disciplinary measures ("in accordance with the appropriate personnel program or union contract")?
3203 (a) (2)
Ο Does the IIPP describe the department safety and health committee, which must

  • meet at least quarterly,
  • prepare and make available to affected employees written records of issues discussed (maintain records for one year),
  • review results of worksite inspections,
  • review investigations of occupational accidents,
  • review investigations of alleged hazardous conditions,
  • submit recommendations to assist in evaluation of employee safety suggestions,
  • verify action taken by employer to abate OSHA citations.
    3203 (c) (a) (3), (1-7)
Ο Does the IIPP describe procedures for the identification and evaluation of workplace hazards, including scheduled periodic inspections of workplace conditions and practices

  • when the program is first established?
  • when new substances, processes, procedures or equipment are introduced that represent a new health or safety hazard?
  • when the employer is made aware of new or previously unrecognizedhazards? 
    3203 (a) (4) (A-C)
Ο Is the procedure for the investigation of occupational injury or illness adequate?

  • Does it say who has the responsibility to do this (usually the supervisor)?
  • Does it say what forms are to be used?
  • Does it reference other campus resources (such as EH&S) that can assist?
  • Does it contain a requirement to recommend methods of preventing similar Injuries? 
    3203 (a) (5)
Ο Are there procedures for correcting unsafe or unhealthy conditions, work practices or work procedures? Do these procedures

  • discuss what is to be done when the condition is first observed or discovered?
  • include methods and procedures for reporting conditions and ensuring that corrective action occurs in a timely manner?
  • discuss whether affected employees will be removed from the hazard until it is abated?
  • include methods on how to deal with imminent hazards which cannot be immediately abated without endangering employees and/or property?
  • include methods regarding the removal of unnecessary employees from the area?
  • include providing the required safeguards to those employees who are necessary to correct the hazard?
    3203 (a) (6) (A-B)
Ο Does the IIPP contain a record keeping form for self-inspections? Are these maintained for at least one (1) year?
3203 (b) (1)
Ο Does the self-inspection form contain (at a minimum)

  • the persons conducting the inspection?
  • the unsafe conditions/practices?
  • the corrective actions?
    3203 (b) (1)

Recommended Components

  • Distribute or post safety committee meeting agenda to employees prior to meeting.  
  • Distribute or post safety committee minutes to employees after a meeting.  
  • Schedule annual reviews of the IIPP to assure current contact information.  
  • Assure that employee feedback mechanism allows two-way flow of information.  
  • Active involvement is better than passive (suggestion box) feedback.  
  • Prepare a list of the members of the safety committee and the contact information.