Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned at UC Berkeley

Lessons Learned at Other Institutions

Severe Finger Injury from Wedding Ring - July 2013


 UC Industrial Hygiene & Safety Committee
    (Hosted by UC Davis)

Lab Fire Caused By Hotplate Heating Oil Bath That Injured Researcher - March 2013


 UC Irvine
Glass Reactor Over-pressurization Causes Serious Injury to Grad Student Researcher - October 2011

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 

Ethanol Fire Burns Researcher - July 2011

 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 


Accidental Mixing of Bleach and Acid - October 2009 Los Alamos National Laboratory
    LANL Investigation of a Laser Eye
    Injury Report (download PDF—2.3MB)

Ladder Fall Results in $19,125 Fine and Serious Injury - August 2009


Oleylamine Chemical Burn - December 2008
Exposure to Poisonous Chemicals Due to Improper Storage and Unsafe Work Practices - June 2008



Exposure to Bromine During a Laboratory Refrigerator Clean-up - June 2008


Improperly Vented Experiment Causes Explosion and Burns - June 2008



Discovery of an Old Container of Potentially Explosive Chemical - June 2008



Explosion of Concentrated Hydrofluoric Acid Waste Solution - June 2008



Exploding Cylinder in Garbage - July 2007



Missing Guard on Incubator Fan Injures Post Doc - July 2007



Researcher Smells Toxic Fluorine Gas When Changing Out Gas Cylinder - April 2007



Employee's Toes Crushed by Falling Compressed Gas Cylinder - March 2007



Forklift Rollover - December 2006



Peroxide Explosion Injures Campus Researcher - November 2006



Fire Hazard with Immersion Water Heaters - September 2005



Needlestick from Regular Trash - July 2005



Injury Caused by High Voltage Capacitor Discharge - May 2005



Improper Labeling Causes Injury from Acid Spray - September 2004



Employee Receives Electrical Shock - March 2004



Laser Safety in Research Laboratories - July 2003



Bolt and Brace Your Shop Equipment - October 2002



Improper Hazardous Material Disposal - September 2002



Paper Cutter Guards - November 2000