Hazardous Materials Shipping

Lead: Charles Borromeo
Phone: (510) 642-0117
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Team: Hazardous Materials Management
Associate Director: Greg Haet


The Hazardous Materials Shipping program provides services for UC Berkeley faculty, staff and students to help ensure safe and compliant shipments of hazardous materials. Hazardous materials include infectious substances, hazardous chemicals, radioactive materials, compressed cylinders, dry ice and under certain conditions biological materials and genetically modified organisms or micro-organisms.

Services include training that is required for all faculty, staff and students involved in shipping hazardous materials; hands on packaging for infrequent shippers (those who ship less than twice a year); technical consulting and shipping support, compliance auditing, as well as acting as the campus liaison with regulators.

UC Berkeley's campus-wide policy on Hazardous Materials Shipping and Transportation(effective April 1, 2008) further describes the responsibilities of those on campus who initiate, authorize or otherwise have a role in the shipping of hazardous materials.



International Shipments

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Other Agencies and UC Berkeley Organizations
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