Executive and Management Analyst

Job Description
Executive and Management Analyst
Project/Policy Analyst 2 (7397)
Job Requisition # 22924
Highly Competitive Benefits Package

Pay range $21.17 - $32.28 per hour, commensurate with experience

First Review Date: March 21, 2017

Job Summary

Perform independent management analysis and executive support to the EH&S Executive Director (ED) and EH&S Associate Director (AD).  Act as delegated to screen and analyze the substance of issues and assess priority of incoming materials and requests to the ED or AD to assure timely access or response. Directly supports or coordinates efforts relating to materials and communications emanating from the executive management at EH&S. Manages or directs complex calendaring to ensure access by campus executives or senior management for high level content compliance issues.  Provides relevant materials to support management activities. Manages staffing resources reporting to the ED or AD and support merit, equity, and other personnel process implementation. Provides content support for EH&S job family assisting with classification confirmation, and ensures departmental HR administration coordination.

Serve as business process and operations improvement analyst, analyzing processes for content and consequences for improper application, independently determining current viability and effectiveness and developing systems restructure using advanced technology.  Inform and educate executive users and train processors. Perform project analyses on new and ongoing projects as assigned, conduct appropriate analytical studies related to assignments, assess departmental policies and assure compliance to campus, division, and other relevant campus services.  Establish appropriate systems management and serve as advisor to senior managers on various departmental policies, work practices, procedures, and information guides.  Create, manage, and report appropriate metrics of efforts to support annual budget and financial forecasts.

Provides project management and analyses on office wide or multi-team one-time projects and initiatives as assigned.  May serve as the project lead on operational improvements efforts or on a variety of teams and within administration derived from strategic planning, new program implementation, and response to regulatory and negotiated compliance activities/requirements. May partner with various SMEs and the Project & Communications Coordinators (PCCs) to effect a unified and progressive approach on these assignments.

Works closely with the AD and Senior Management Analyst to provide centralized project coordination and management on a variety of EH&S commitments and initiatives (e.g., BSAS, DSRT, other)


Professional who applies acquired job skills, policies, and procedures to complete substantive assignments/projects/tasks of moderate scope and complexity; exercises judgment within defined guidelines and practices to determine appropriate action.

On a project basis, performs analytical studies on a variety of policies, programs and issues; provides a variety of analytical functions in support of a function, program and/or organizational unit; and participates in administrative policy and program planning and development.  Provides the administrative analyses support for the executive team (including the ED, AD, and Senior Management Analyst) for development, implementation, and maintenance of various projects and initiatives that ensure project and management coordination. Position functions include advanced work retained from several eliminated FTE and reassignment of higher level work from existing higher level classifications.  Workload and changing demands necessitated the need for executive administrative analyses support to executive management.  The position will also provide the nexus between EH&S management, VCRO administrative/HR requirements, campus services groups including CSS, and other relevant entities.

Key Responsibilities

Understands and supports the EH&S mission and vision. Contributes to a successful team oriented work environment ensuring interdependence and cooperation; constructive and positive communications; and mutual support. Promotes and exemplifies campus, divisional, and departmental high standards for excellent client service, effective use of resources, workplace safety, professional development, personal accountability, and continuous improvement.

Executive Management Analyst and Professional Support

Provides a variety of analytical duties in support of a function, program and/or organizational unit. In support of the ED and AD:

  • Creates, prepares, edits and modifies controls, systems, and documents. Perform independent management analysis and executive support.
  • Directly supports or coordinates efforts relating to materials and communications emanating from the executive management at EH&S.
  • Manages or directs complex calendaring to ensure access by campus executives or senior management for high level safety and environmental compliance issues.

Directly or indirectly supports, or coordinates efforts for, the ED in all facets of his work. Manage appropriate documentation retention, correspondence adjudication, and follow up commitments. Determine and assure maintenance of appropriate work flow.

  • As delegated, screen and analyze substance of issues to determine priority review for ED. Respond or take action on behalf of the ED in delegated areas.
  • Provide oversight and coordination of all materials needing ED review or approval, assessing relative importance and timeliness of activity.
  • Ensure or implement appropriate administrative support document creation, review, finalization, production and retention.
  • Finalize and/or coordinate ED’s communications, between campus executives, government officials, faculty, students, staff, and the general public.
  • Provide higher level support to the Research Compliance Advisory Committee (RCAC), an interdisciplinary council of faculty advisory committee chairs, reporting to the VC for Research, focused on research safety and IAB compliance. Manage and coordinate meetings.  Work closely with RCAC members to obtain and distribute highly technical or confidential reporting materials. Provide additional content support as needed. Work closely with the ED and Senior Management Analyst to prepare RCAC logistics and advisory committee reporting.
  • Lead development of EH&S All staff meeting agendas and presentation materials.
  • Special Projects: Provides management analytical support to Executive Director for special projects and programs (EH&S Director’s Pac12 conference, and other system-wide conferences).
  • Applies content knowledge and professional communications concepts to develop and produce appropriate materials for designated distribution.
  • Provide project coordination assistance for special projects as assigned.
  • Retain records, development materials, and final documents.

As delegated, coordinate, manage, and/or implement campus, division, and departmental policies and procedures impacting EH&S employees.

  • Serve as one of two campus SME in determining the appropriate use of the EH&S Specialist, Supervisor/Manager, and Technician job standards. As the department is the primary user of these series, serve as one of two technical experts to central campus job reviewers.
  • Manage and implement effective and efficient adjudication of approved EH&S executive management actions including assuring compliance with appropriate campus offices or policies.  Review approvals to assure appropriate documentation (drafting justifications as needed), survey HR specific requests against EH&S internal past practice and successful requests, and adjust materials to ensure smooth delivery and acceptance.  Monitor external offices routinely in receipt of reclassification, salary and other exceptional request actions to ensure timely action and response.  Handle other non-routine, complex administrative actions impacting staff. Coordinate hiring processes with CSS for all staff (including students).
  • Assess, propose, and create automated systems to ensure management tracking and compliance processes, coordinate implementation of issues touched by various entities including VCRO, CSS-HR, CSS- Recruitment, CSS-Payroll, CalTime

    • Staffing comparisons
    • Merit/Merit administration
    • Recognition Awards administration (Spot, Achievement, other)
    • Stipend and other re-delegated authority from VCRO to EH&S ED
    • Classification management (due to SME role for EH&S job family)
    • On-boarding coordination for requisite background, DMV, and medical baseline requirements
  • Ensure monitoring and responsiveness, in keeping with best administrative practices, involving other central campus services units including but not limited to CSS-HR, Central HR, VCRO, and campus Records Management Program, to maintain operations  that are timely and accurate.
  • Research difficult HR and staffing pay or status conflicts due to centralized payroll, HR, and other offices, determine appropriate solutions and negotiate with appropriate office to achieve positive results.

    • Work closely with CSS-HR team, proposing solutions to resolve complex HR actions and errors impacting EH&S.

Business systems and operations process improvement analysis and implementation

On a project basis, performs analytical studies on a variety of policies, programs and issues. Design higher level analytical process improvement to increase efficiencies, and to meet new standards and/or requirements. Exercise independent judgement in planning, organization, and performance of assignments.

  • Review, update, and improve new and/or existing business and technical processes.
  • Work closely with project management team ( Project Analyst and PCCs) to identify process improvement needs, utilize advanced technology and systems improvement methodology
  • Applies content knowledge of EH&S programs to provide central administrative document and records management support.
  • Managing workflow of documentation from inception to hard copy and electronic files, including work flow process improvement.
  • Perform professional editing, proofreading and quality-control for documents and publications; production, distribution, and retention of departmental communications.
  • Participation in technical project planning to provide guidance and coordinate production of deliverables.
  • Provides department internal staffing support, which includes: tracking departmental staff training, assisting with recruitment, orienting new employees, and maintaining department-specific personnel information.

Data and systems analysis for moderately complex projects, policies, processes, and functions

Applies professional concepts to perform analysis of data and systems pertaining to moderately complex projects, policies and/or processes and functions.

Provides management analytical and specialized support to the EH&S AD.

  • Identifies systems problems, investigates solutions that utilize advanced technology and implement approved approaches.
  • Coordinate and/or manage UCOP affiliated programs implemented via EH&S projects, creating process improvements to assure compliance, and supporting annual efforts

    • Be Smart About Safety (BSAS): Serve as UCB Final Approval Authority (delegated by ED/AD) to confirm submissions; create or maintain campus processes and serve as coordinator with various awardee departments (includes UHS, RFS, and EH&S) to implement the program.
    • Center of Excellence/Multi-Location Assignment (COE/MLA): Coordinate and maintain program requirements/records for all COE proposals to UCOP, approvals, and reporting

Monitor and note process improvement needs, create and implement systems as needed, instruction and guide users, integrate automated systems development with Division or campus requirements.

Project lead for assigned department-wide initiatives and projects

As the project lead, develops and presents proposals and progress reports, manages work flow, leads project team, and makes recommendations for allocation of resources. Using subject matter knowledge, collects and prepares information for use in discussions, meetings of high level management and external constituents.

Assignments are provided in general and broadly descriptive ways so that the incumbent must use expertise to define the project, assess and gather internal and external data, establish methodology, presentation, and appropriate timelines.

Administrative policy and program planning and development

Gathers and assembles analytical and factual data on assigned problems and issues to prepare reports and/or analyses summarizing information on the assigned issues and commenting on other significance for internal department constituents.

Participates in administrative policy and program planning and development.

  • Participate in annual budget cycle analyses and production of budget cycle materials related to staffing resource distribution, chartstring and effort allocation, and other functions as needed.
  • Analytical projects include but are not limited to:

    • Documentation to support Be Smart About Safety Initiatives (including Effectiveness Statements), UCOP funded programs, and LBNL costs recovery.

Participates as an ex-officio member of Communications & Outreach Team.

Staff development: Works on professional committees and assignments, participates in professional training and attends relevant conferences, and/or is mentored or coached on a formal or informal basis.

Performs other duties as assigned, including but not limited to:

  • Creates documents as needed, participates in training and development.
  • Participates in special projects and workgroups as assigned.
  • At the request of campus management (EH&S Director, UCPD Chief, or designated alternate), must be available in a campus disaster or campus hazardous material release/threatened release, to serve in the appropriate emergency response role based upon expertise and, where applicable, designated departmental role.

Knowledge and Skills

Experience Required:

  • Proven and demonstrated experience in advanced administrative analyses in a higher education institution environment.
  • Proven and demonstrated experience with standard project management concepts and tools applied to process improvement analyses, complex administrative and management workflows, such as integrating multiple administrative and policy concepts or requirements for authorization.
  • Demonstrated ability and experience to quickly evaluate complex issues, identify problems, and establish/implement appropriate solutions.
  • Proven experience managing multiple and complex compliance or policy applications impacting administrative and staff resource operations, such as managing or coordinating program renewals.
  • Proven knowledge and experience in departmental human resources administration.
  • Demonstrated experience and ability to produce written project documents including summaries of analysis, findings, tabular assessments, and recommendations.
  • Proven and successful experience working with campus or external high-level officials to facilitate communications, and coordinate efforts in support of EH&S executive management.
  • Prior and significant experience with executive management support, including effective ability to work with high level representatives, faculty and executive administrators, technical advisory groups, and campus executive branch.
  • Prior experience and proficiency in the use of campus financial, payroll, or HR systems to monitor and effect appropriate action to significant issues.

Skills and Knowledge Required:

  • Ability to use discretion and maintain all confidentiality. Ability to use sound judgment in responding to issues and concerns. Demonstrated political acumen.
  • Proven advanced skills to analyze information and synthesize significant and disparate data to produce objective reports, tools, guides, and processes for use in management decision making.
  • Ability to determine and focus on management priorities, establish own priorities to effectively meet expectations, organize multiple and often disparate issues or challenges, and multi-task with demanding timeframes.
  • Proven experience and ability to apply, and train on various technological tools Google Apps for Work (Sheets, Google Drive, documents, Calendar, Mail), Adobe Creative Suite (PDF documents), and MS Suite apps for technical writing and/or editing.
  • Demonstrated experience in the use of similar IT systems tools to automate and streamline complex workflow processes.
  • Solid communication and interpersonal skills, both verbally and in writing, to communicate effectively with executive management, stakeholders, and staff.


  • Basic knowledge of applicable laws and regulations in environmental, health and safety disciplines sufficient to provide support to the ED, and ability to apply relevant knowledge to understand how work may impact other areas.
  • Prior and proven experience working with UCOP, CSS, central HR, campus control units and/or division upper management at the Berkeley Campus.
  • Knowledge of campus policies and procedures impacting EH&S staffing and programs.
  • Familiarity and working knowledge of UCOP Be Smart About Safety, Research Compliance Advisory committees, and other Berkeley campus groups.

Education and Training

  • Bachelor's degree in related area and/or equivalent experience/training


This position is designated as sensitive and is subject to a criminal background check.