Deputy Fire Marshal (Fire Prevention Specialist)

Job Description
EH&S Specialist 3
Deputy Fire Marshal (Fire Prevention Specialist)
Job Requisition # 22766
Highly Competitive Benefits Package

Annual Salary Range: $60,200–$91,600, commensurate with experience

First Review Date: February 14, 2017
The position will remain open until filled

Job Summary

Involves developing, implementing, and monitoring campus environmental and safety programs and policies to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local environmental, health, and safety regulations, and ensure a safe workplace. Includes hazardous materials control, emergency preparedness, fire protection, accident prevention, and other EH&S programs and policies.

The Deputy Fire Marshal conducts regularly scheduled fire and life safety inspections of campus buildings for code compliance; and develops and provides required fire prevention and life safety training to the campus community, including campus-operated residential sites.  The incumbent must apply professional fire and life safety knowledge, federal, state and local laws and codes to address complex fire and life safety issues.

Understands and supports the EH&S mission and vision.  Contributes to a successful team oriented work environment ensuring interdependence and cooperation; constructive and positive communications; and mutual support.  Promotes and exemplifies campus, divisional, and departmental high standards for excellent client service, effective use of resources, workplace safety, professional development, personal accountability, and continuous improvement.


Experienced professional who knows how to apply theory and put it into practice with in-depth understanding of the professional field; independently performs the full range of responsibilities within the function; possesses broad job knowledge; analyzes problems/issues of diverse scope and determines solutions.

Applies professional knowledge or expertise in one or more specialty areas within EH&S and serves as lead person on one or more program(s) within a single discipline. Work is reviewed upon completion to ensure predetermined objectives are adequately met and that application of professional/technical judgment is sound. Demonstrates good judgment in selecting methods and techniques for obtaining solutions and provides regulatory interpretation and technical advice. Decision-making is based on established procedures; relevant laws; regulations and campus policy; professional best practices; relevant science methodology; impact on other EH&S programs, and senior management approvals as required (VC, Chancellor, Agency). Decisions may impact individual work, other EH&S programs, other campus departments and/or segments of campus (e.g., shops, labs, residential).

Key Responsibilities

Develops, implements, and monitors campus fire and life safety compliance program under California Code of Regulations Title 19 and Title 24, Parts 1-9.

Performs technical work related to fire and life safety:

  • Provides guidance and acts as the technical resource to campus community members (including building Coordinators, department safety committees, and the Office of Emergency Management) on fire and life safety issues.
  • Conducts regularly scheduled fire and life safety inspections of campus buildings for code compliance, noting imminent hazards and ensuring immediate correction
  • Prepares reports noting deficiencies.
  • Conducts follow-up inspections on corrective actions in a timely manner; follows up on recommended corrective actions; and works closely with management to support change.
  • For self-supporting campus departments, performs lead role in providing training, building inspections and follow-up activities.
  • May serve as principal person in charge of KNOX box program for assigned buildings.
  • Coordinates and acts as official witness to annual fire drills in all student residential housing; may serve as authorized fire marshal during drill.
  • Assists in resolving recharge questions and issues associated with the program.
  • Drives university vehicles to fulfill job requirements.

Performs outreach and communication to campus community including faculty, staff, and students to promote code compliance and fire safety. Designs new and/or recommends improvements to existing processes and procedures.

Program responsibility for all campus special events, coordinating with campus departments, UCPD, and other campus officials to resolve issues. Responsible for monitoring compliance at these events and may serve as campus liaison with regulatory agencies. If necessary, attend events to monitor compliance and maintains accurate permitting records.

May manage, update, and submit the Clery Act required “Annual Fire Safety Report.”

Inspects, investigates incidents and complaints, and recommends corrective action as needed. Assists the Campus Fire Marshal during Fire Cause investigations.

Organizes and works efficiently to maintain the targeted rechargeable hours within the fiscal year.

Develops and provides fire and life safety training for UC Berkeley departments, faculty, staff and students:

  • Conducts fire and life safety awareness and fire prevention training.
  • Leads training/education on fire and life safety program for UC Berkeley self-supporting departments, staff, and students.
  • Makes presentations to local fire agencies regarding campus safety programs.

Within specific field maintains knowledge/expertise on existing/proposed changes in all regulations (**see “Governing Laws and Regulations”); interprets and applies relevant laws, regulations, codes and standards, including making recommendations for work environment changes based on interpretations and principles of professional practices.

**Governing Laws and Regulations
- California Code of Regulations - Title 19 Public Safety
- California Code of Regulations - Title 24 Building Standards Code Parts 1-9 with emphasis on:
      California Building Code, California Fire Code, California Mechanical Code, California Plumbing Code, California Electrical Code
- National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standards
- Applicable federal laws and regulations

Staff development:  Works on professional committees and assignments, participates in professional training and attends relevant conferences, and/or is mentored or coached on a formal or informal basis.

Performs other duties as assigned.

  • Provides assistance and back-up to program lead for appropriate fire and life safety program training, education, and technical resource to campus departments.

At the request of campus management (EH&S Director, VC Administration, UCPD Chief, or designated alternate), must be available in a campus disaster or campus hazardous material release/threatened release, to serve in the appropriate emergency response role based upon expertise and, where applicable, designated departmental role.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Thorough knowledge/understanding of fire and life safety including related laws and regulations; and general knowledge/understanding of all EH&S fields.
  • Demonstrated working knowledge of: California Code of Regulations, Title 19, and Title 24, Parts 1-9; National Fire Codes (published by the National Fire Protection Association); working knowledge of the Flammable and Combustible Liquids and Hazardous Materials Regulations in the California Fire Code.
  • Thorough knowledge and skill in applying and interpreting applicable local, state, and federal regulations and related standards and guidelines.
  • Thorough written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills, including political acumen and skill to communicate effectively in a diverse environment.
  • Strong analytical and organizational skills to organize, prioritize and manage the successful completion of projects within time and budget constraints.
  • Skill to appropriately use technology and relevant scientific equipment as required.
  • Proven presentation and training skills to conduct classes to diverse audiences.
  • Basic computer skills to manipulate database information and work within a computer-networked environment.
  • Must be able to perform required functions before 8am, after 5pm on workdays, or on weekends, as directed by the supervisor or as needed by the client.   

Education and Training

  • Bachelor’s degree in science, engineering, architecture, engineering technology, architectural technology, or related field and/or equivalent experience/training. Professional certification preferred.
  • Successful completion of the Statutes and Regulations course offered by the California State Fire Marshal’s Office within 12 months of hire.


Fire Inspector I - International Code Council's National Certification Examination Program
Fire Inspector II - International Code Council's National Certification Examination Program

         Licenses or certifications, if any:

  • Valid CA Driver’s License with initial and periodic review of DMV driving record.
  • Designated Campus Fire Marshal (DCFM) appointment eligibility, as determined by the California State Fire Marshal.


This position is designated as sensitive and is subject to a criminal background check.