How do I get my lab coat cleaned?

Note: Significantly contaminated coats should not be laundered through these processes and steps to dispose of them can be found on What if I spill on my coat?

Laundry System and Location
Soiled campus lab coats are laundered using three different systems. The laundry system your lab uses is determined by where your lab is located. To find out where and how your laundry service works, contact the PPE coordinator at ppe@berkeley.edu.

Prescription Safety Glasses

Prescription safety glasses are an alternative to wearing prescription glasses with over-the-glasses safety glasses.
For All Labs:

Vision Service Plan (VSP) can be used for prescription safety glasses. If you have a qualifying student or employee VSP through UC Berkeley, you can choose to use it for prescription safety glasses instead of regular prescription glasses. Simply schedule an appointment with the Meredith W. Morgan Eye Center at Minor Hall.

How do I get my lab coat altered (shorter sleeves)?

It is important for both safety and comfort that lab coat sleeves fit properly. If necessary, your lab coat sleeves can be shortened for a better fit free of cost.
Review How do I know if my lab coat fits properly?.
If your lab coat sleeves need to be shortened, or if you have any questions about the fit or alterations, contact the PPE coordinator at ppe@berkeley.edu.