Laser Safety

Laser Safety Signs

Laser hazard signs must be conspicuously posted to warn onlookers of the potential hazard. The appropriate warning or danger sign shall be posted at the entryway(s) and, if deemed necessary by the LSO, should also be posted within the laser-controlled area.

For Class 3B and Class 4 signs, ensure the signs include:

  • type of laser(s),
  • wavelength(s) used,
  • and power output used.
  • Minimum OD for the laser wavelengths is listed on your laser use authorization (LUA) document.


NIR Manual - Appendix C Microwave Oven Safety Guidelines

  • Do not operate the oven if it is damaged or does not operate properly. It is imperative that the oven door seals properly and that there is no damage to the door seal, hinges, latches, or oven surfaces.
  • Ovens used for food preparation must be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent biological contamination, fire potential, and door seal damage.
  • Ovens used for laboratory applications cannot be used for food preparation. Conversely, food preparation ovens should never be used for other applications.

NiR Manual - Appendix B Emergency Response Procedure

In the event of an accident involving an NIR source, immediately do the following:

  1. Using caution first shut down the source of the NIR radiation and then lock out/tag out the power supply.
  2. Provide for the safety of personnel (first aid, evacuation, etc.) as needed.

    Note: If an eye injury is suspected, have the injured person keep their head upright and still to restrict any bleeding in the eye. A physician should evaluate eye injuries as soon as possible.

NIR Manual - Appendix E Bylaws of the Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety Committee

Appendix A

Bylaws of the Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety Committee

1. Authority and Responsibility

The Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety Committee (the Committee) is appointed by the Chancellor or his designee (the Vice-chancellor for Research). This Committee was formerly known as the Laser Safety Committee. The Committee reports to the Vice-chancellor for Research.