Fire Prevention

Electronic Plan Submission

Regardless of phase, all submitted electronic plans are required to be in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format, and must contain the pertinent project information (Project Name, Number, Manager, Building Name, and Address). Additionally the Campus Fire Marshal must be able to retain copies of the electronic documents for records purposes, and reserves the right to request hard copies of any submittal or design document.

Drawings submission:

Alarms and Sprinklers

Fire Alarm Systems

When a fire alarm system activates, everyone is required by law to leave the building immediately.

  • Do NOT carry your bike or any other large object down the stairs, as this will impede the timely egress of others.

  • Close your door as you leave. This will protect your room/office from smoke and fire as well as provide protection from theft.

Tampering with a fire alarm system or rendering it ineffective is a crime. Do not cover or remove a smoke or heat detector.