Construction at Berkeley

Lab Equipment Decontamination Protocol

  1. Departments must identify equipment desired for release by creating a list for Equipment Management (contact:
  2. Department equipment listings must provide a BETS #, Serial #, building and room number of the equipment intended for release. Departments must also include: equipment history, associated chemical use, biological use or radiation use authorizations - where applicable.
  3. Verify and update equipment building, room and description to match BETS records.

    How do I know what environmental permits I need?

    Environmental permits depend on the design, activity and size of the project as well as the disturbance that will occur to: soil, air or if there are potential impacts to water.

    Some construction work has environmental compliance elements that are not a permitting process, but rather a documentation process, involving some due diligence.

    Examples of permits required before performing work or are dependent on equipment selection:

    How do I request an occupational health and safety assessment?

    EH&S offers environmental and occupational safety (CalOSHA) consultation and project assessments free of charge to campus project managers.  If analytical testing or other services are required by your project that incur a cost to EH&S, a chartstring and EH&S Recharge account will be needed from your project.

    Contact the Construction Coordinator at to request a project assessment or inspection.

    Typical environmental services and inspections for construction include: